Drone delivers 'flying' sushi burgers to customers

London restaurant creates new delivery method


LONDON – Don't leave your table, or you might miss your food flying by.

The London-based chain YO! Sushi, known for its moving conveyor belts of food, needed something new for delivering its newest menu item: burgers. So it created a new delivery method: the flying tray.

Your food will be delivered right to your plate by one of the new drones the restaurant is testing at its flagship store in London. Named the iTray, the four-propeller flying waiter is outfitted with a flat tray top to carry plates, and is remote controlled by an iPad. The drone is equipped with cameras to help guide it, and as soon as the food is retrieved, the trays fly back to the kitchen.

YO! Sushi helped pioneer conveyor-belt sushi in the U.K., which keeps fresh sushi circulating through the restaurant at all times.

"The concept came from our thinking of 'How are we going to show people how light and exciting and fun this food type is?'" YO! Sushi CEO Robin Rowland explained in a promotional video.


Unfortunately, the iTrays are only in operation from inside the restaurant. If YO! Sushi wants to compete in the food-delivery-by-drone market, it will have to pick up the pace. Just last week, Domino's Pizza delivery drone the "DomiCopter" delivered two pizzas at once!

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