Lenovo deletes 'Superfish' software


Computer maker Lenovo has decided to stop shopping laptops with a software security experts say could make you more vulnerable to hackers.

The software is made by a company called "Superfish." It's basically an Internet browser add-on that injects ads onto websites you visit.

Lenovo says the software was intended to help you shop for deals. The program analyzes images you see on the web and presents similar products that might have lower prices. Lenovo stressed that the program did not "monitor user behavior" or record user information.

"The relationship with Superfish is not financially significant; our goal was to enhance the experience for users," the company said in a statement released to CNN Money. "We recognize that the software did not meet that goal and have acted quickly and decisively."

Lenovo says it stopped pre-loading the software on new computers in January. It says it will not pre-load this software in the future and it has disabled the feature on its services, which essentially kills the program on everyone's computer.

Experts worry about hackers

Besides taking up space in your Lenovo computer, the add-on is also dangerous because it undermines basic computer security protocols. CNN Money reports the software tampers with a widely-used system of official website certificates, and that makes it hard for your computer to recognize a fake bank website, for instance.

Customers started spotting this on their Lenovo computers in mid-2014. Lenovo acknowledged the factor installations of Superfish started back in September of 2014. The company lists 43 different models that were affected, including several of its Flex, E-, G-, S-, U-, Y- and Z-series laptops and several Miix and Yoga tablets.

Computer experts aren't sure enough the damage control goes far enough. They suggest to be completely safe, you might have to reinstall a fresh new operating system. Lenovo customers have already paid for Windows in their laptops, so they will have to shell out another $120 for a copy of Windows 8.1.

You should contact Lenovo with questions or speak with a trusted computer expert to consider your security options.