Domino's unveils 'Zero Click' ordering through app

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Ann Arbor-based Domino’s has an app that sends pizza just by opening it: No clicking or tapping.

The local company calls it the Zero Click app.

“There’s absolutely no clicking involved. You simply open the app on your Apple or Android device, and 10 seconds later your order is placed,” said Kelly Garcia, Domino’s vice president of e-commerce.

During that 10 seconds, customers can stop the timer. 

The company made the app to keep up with consumers.

“Our customers are ever-moving people. They’re fast-paced folks, and thy are time sensitive. Our goal is to make the pizza-ordering process as simple and as easy for them as possible," Garcia said.

And if you’re concerned about toddlers opening the app multiple times thinking it’s a game and running up their parents' credit card bill, Domino’s put in a stop gap.

"We did thing about that and we did put a limiter on it. So, you can only order on the Zero Click App once a day. So kids aren't ordering pizza after pizza," Garcia said. 

Zero Click was created in Southeast Michigan. The pizza maker is as much a tech company as it is a food company.

"It starts with the customer. It's about having a great team that's passionate about making things easier for that customer and then it's about execution," Garcia said. 

Making Southeast Michigan attractive as the silicon valley of food, and they want to add team members.

"If you don't want to live in California and you want to have the four seasons like we do here, in Michigan, and go Up North, then Domino's has all you have to offer in jobs in technology," Garcia said.

Domino’s Zero Click App is available nation-wide, and they’re looking to expand globally.

Before using the app, you must have a Domino’s Account with your favorite meal, payment information and address stored.

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