Important things to consider before buying a drone

The costly flying device comes with perks and complications

DETROIT – Drones are one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. In fact, sales of drones have tripled since just last year.

Although this flying source of entertainment may be tempting to buy, there are some things you should know before the big buy.

Shelling out at an average of $500 for drones equipped with cameras and high-end software, some of the machines ' delicate parts can become seriously damaged when crashed.  An expensive replacement awaits.

"Some keep you from crashing into trees or walls or buildings, and some will even come back to you," said  Bridget Carey, of CNET. "Prepare to spend more on extra parts, like extra propellers, because you are going to crash it."

If a drone is under the tree this season, know that you’re required to register it with the F-A-A before you make it go airborne.

The five-minute process costs around $5, and the penalties can be up to $27,000 if you don’t.

"They want you to understand it’s important to be responsible when you fly these things" Carey said. "Don't fly directly over people it's rude and a little creepy."

It’s also a good idea to check with your insurance company to see if they cover drone-related incidents. 


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