Speeding crackdown in Dearborn Heights begins Monday

The Dearborn Heights Police Department is stepping up patrols to curb excessive speeding and other unsafe driving habits


DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – If you consider yourself a 'lead foot' you may want to avoid Ford Road in Dearborn Heights.  The police department is stepping up patrols in an effort to curb excessive speeding and other unsafe driving habits.

"We have experienced a number of serious accidents along Ford Road over the past few months that sadly, have involved both serious injuries and some fatalities" explained DHPD Traffic Bureau Sergeant Al Nason. "Most were the result of excessive speed and other unsafe driving practices, and were completely avoidable. We are giving the public fair warning - from now on, if you're driving in Dearborn Heights - particularly along Ford Road - you had better obey the traffic laws."

The department's patrolmen will be watching for speeders but others will be hiding in plain sight.  The crackdown includes undercover officers in unmarked cars.

In addition to speeding, officers will also be watching for other unsafe driving habits including texting, excessive lane changing and tailgating.