MDOT's 2014 statewide construction map available now


DETROIT – The annual "Paving the Way" state highway construction map is now available from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

The free map is updated each year to help motorists locate major MDOT road and bridge projects across the state.

The 2014 print edition will be available at all MDOT Transportation Service Centers and region offices, as well as at all Welcome Centers. Welcome Centers in the Upper Peninsula are expected have maps available starting in late April. The map also is available for viewing at state rest areas. Information on the map is current at the time of printing.

"MDOT provides both printed and online versions of this map so that as many motorists as possible are prepared for Michigan's upcoming construction season," said State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle. "We remind everyone to slow down and be alert when driving through any work zone. Nearly 99 percent of all people hurt or killed in work zones are drivers and their passengers. Avoid distractions, don't tailgate, and pay attention to barrels, cones, signs, and workers."

Paving the Way also provides specific maps for construction on state routes in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

You can download a PDF of the 2014 map "Maps and Publications" section of the MDOT website.

Motorists also can get real-time information about planned and unplanned lane closures on the MDOT Mi Drive traffic data website, along with camera images of major state routes in Detroit, Grand Rapids and the U.P., rates of speed and incidents on Grand Rapids and Detroit-area freeways, and statewide weather and carpool lot information. Mi Drive can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or mobile device at www.michigan.gov/drive.

To request copies of the printed 2014 map, contact the MDOT Office of Communications at 517-335-3084 or send an e-mail to mdotwebinfo@michigan.gov with your name and address.