Police arrest man on Davison Freeway overpass after crash involving stolen vehicle

Davison Freeway closed briefly Wednesday evening

DETROIT – The Davison Freeway closed briefly Wednesday evening while police arrested a man Wednesday evening who was dangling from an overpass fence.

The man had caused an accident on the service drive with a vehicle that was stolen during a carjacking Tuesday, according to Detroit police.

Moments later he was hanging on fencing over the freeway. For nearly an hour, officers tried to coax the man back on to the bridge.

Detroit firefighters sawed through the fencing and cut holes which they used to pull man through to safety

The man was taken into custody. 

Police had to shutdown the freeway as a precaution. The Davison Freeway was closed in both directions at Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

Semi-trucks were lined up beneath the overpass. Officers were cutting through the fence to get to the man on the other side.