Where are the construction workers at the I-94/I-96 interchange?

The 2016 summer construction season across Metro Detroit has been particularly difficult and there is one project that caught the attention of some drivers raising a legitimate question.

Barricades went up on the Lodge Freeway ramps to both the east and westbound I-94 have been closed for months. Rarely are road workers present.

MDOT closed the ramps in the spring because of the construction on the Trumbull Avenue overpass, offering protection to crews working on that project.

“It’s been quite unsafe to let traffic come into that area,” MDOT’s Diane Cross said. “I’m sure for the tens of thousands of drivers a day who use those ramps it’s been a problem but its been a necessary thing for the workers.”

The work is nearing completion.

“In order to reopen the ramps, we first have to clear the work zone on I-94 which means we have to bring in a crane to remove the concrete barriers from that area which also means we’ll have I-94 down to one lane near M-10 for the weekend.”

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