New closures added to Downriver I-75 construction project

MDOT to shut down more of freeway

DETROIT – Drivers who thought the commute Downriver couldn't get any worse, thanks to the I-75 project, are in for an unpleasant surprise.

Soon, the Michigan Department of Transportation is going to shut down even more of the freeway, which means drivers will need to learn new routes around what's already a mess.

The I-75 Rouge River project began in early 2017, but a new phase of the project will close another stretch of the southbound lanes.

"To the south of Goddard, there are 11 bridges that are getting rehabilitated," MDOT project manager Bill Erben said. "Seven of the bridges will have brand new concrete and are actually getting widened. So we'll have steel plows driven down there to do the widening, as well."

Many drivers want to know why the project is taking so long. Officials said it's difficult to understand how large the project is unless you see it up close.

"The bridge has to be supported on these steel (beams)... turned on end, driven into the ground about 70 feet," Erben said.

What happens next? The southbound ramp at Northline Road is about to close. Then the ramp at Eureka Road will close. If you need to go south, what should you go?

"Because we're working at Northline, Allen and Eureka, you're not going to be able to re-enter southbound I-75 until you're at the Telegraph connector, which then leads you right onto southbound I-75," MDOT's Diane Cross said.

Approaching from the east side, you can take Dix-Toledo Road south.

"Because you can re-enter at Sibley," Cross said.

Officials said they need patience from drivers. The project is expected to be finished in October.

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