Police warn drivers of 'debris coming loose' on dangerous stretch of EB I-696

Police ask drivers to use caution on dangerous stretch of EB I-696

WARREN, Mich. – Repairs are coming, but right now, part of I-696 is in such bad condition police are telling drivers to take evasive action.

Michigan State Police issued the warning, saying drivers need to be extra careful on eastbound I-696 between Van Dyke Avenue and Hoover Road. There are several potholes on the stretch of highway, and many have loose debris.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is working on the problem, but new trouble spots are popping up all the time, officials said. Attempting to patch up the holes is dependent on dry weather, so until crews can get out there, drivers have to watch out.

Police said the potholes are large enough to cause significant damage to cars, and flying debris could make driving dangerous. Police said riding close behind somebody is a bad idea.

Extra crews will be brought to the section of eastbound I-696 to try to manage the disintegrating pavement. They're going to use asphalt, which will compact and last longer, MDOT officials said.

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