Driver's windshield struck by loose tire on I-696 in Southfield

Gravel hauler did not stop

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A Hazel Park man is lucky he wasn't seriously injured after a loose truck tire smashed into his car.

Dane Kelly and his dog Brody were on their way to Ypsilanti, traveling on I-696 near Southfield Road when the tire smashed into his Ford Focus.

The collision smashed the driver's side window and cracked the windshield.

“A tire rolled across all the lanes of the highway hit the median, bounced straight up and into the windshield,” Kelly said.

Had the tire struck the vehicle a few inches to the right Kelly's head could have been hit. His arms are riddled with glass fragments from the driver's side window.

Police believe the tire came off a gravel hauler that was traveling in the eastbound lanes. The gravel hauler did not stop.

Police said it's possible the truck driver didn't realize he had lost a tire.

Two good Samaritans stopped to make sure Kelly was OK and waited with him until police arrived.

Kelly feels lucky, “It’s terrifying but it could have been significantly worse, it’s the best of a bad  situation."

Anyone who witnessed the collision and has information is asked to contact Michigan State Police.

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