Dramatic temperature swings cause potholes, burst pipes across Metro Detroit

DETROIT – As temperatures get close to 50 degrees Saturday and Sunday, the Michigan Department of Transportation has been using the nicer weather to patch the roads.

The warmer weather is causing many problems, from water main breaks to rough roads. 

Crews put barrels up Friday night on a stretch of I-75 southbound between Seven Mile Road and the Davison Freeway to keep drivers off disintegrating sections.

Vernon Grandison, a local plumber with Roto-Rooter, spoke with Local 4 regarding the plumbing issues the drastic temperature change has brought. Grandison said he's worked on medical offices, hotels, apartments, homes and more. 

"It's an unexpected situation," Grandison said. "A lot of people's pipes busted. They didn't expect it, so it's really hard to remedy."

Grandison, however, saw this coming and had prepared for it.

"I'm packing extra insulation on my truck," Grandison said. "We have some tools that we use to help unthaw pipes to be prepared."

The winter is far from over, and there's no telling what other curveballs Mother Nature will throw toward Metro Detroit.

"Our roads are paying the price for that," said Diane Cross, with MDOT. "Drivers are paying the price for that with flat tires and damaged vehicles, but we are trying our best to get out there as soon as we know they're out there."

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