Michigan state budget showdown: Construction projects could stop if no deal is reached

LANSING, Mich. – We're just about one week away from a government shutdown if no deal is reached on the state budget, and a partial shutdown would mean layoffs for many of the 48,000 state employees.

That shutdown would also mean 150 active construction projects across the state of Michigan would be halted.

"Every place you turn there's construction. So, how much longer are we going to have to put up with it taking us three times longer to get to a place?" said Clawson resident, Judy Hoste.

The MDOT Director of Communications, Jeff Cranson, isn't happy with the possibility either.

"It's a frustrating time and I think everybody's hoping that this can be avoided," Cranson said.

If a partial shutdown happens, the construction projects would have to be buttoned up to make them safe for drivers.

"Obviously we're still hoping that can be avoided, and that negotiations this week will keep that shutdown from ever transpiring," Cranson said.

Some drivers are looking directly at Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. But Whitmer released a statement Tuesday taking aim at Republicans, saying it's time for them to stop playing games and put real road funding solutions on the table.

"We need both parties to come together and work it out," Hoste said.

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