Southfield Freeway flooded in Dearborn

Traffic at stand still while portion of Southfield Freeway under water in Dearborn

DEARBORN, Mich. - Traffic in both directions on the Southfield Freeway was backed up due to flooding at Village Road just south of Michigan Avenue in Dearborn.

Southbound Telegraph Road also is flooded at Michigan Avenue in Dearborn.

Uncut: Southfield freeway flood.

The flooding was most serious in the southbound lanes.

Some vehicles were stuck in the water while traffic backed up for miles. The Southfield Freeway was shut down during the flood and has since reopened.

Greg Kosakowski was stranded in the water.

"I was cutting through the puddle.  The water was a little bit deeper.  The car stalled. I tried to make it to the other side. I wasn't going to go. The water was that deep.  I figured if was to sit here for awhile, a truck will come and pull me out," Kosakowski said.

A frustrated Pahoua Moua got out of her car and waded to dry ground.

"I'm like soaked. I am on my way to work and I;m like soaked with all this nasty stuff," Moua said.

She was also frustrated that no one came to her rescue when it was clear her car was stranded in the water.

"I was very scared. And there were cars coming by me as I am stuck in the middle of water filling up my car, panicking, and cars keep going by. No one is helping me," Moua said.

There have been no reports of injuries.

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