People are flocking to this stunning turquoise lake -- there's just one slightly gross problem

This lake isn't just a lake, it's actually a toxic ash dump

A young woman poses for pictures by a Novosibirsk energy plant's ash dump site, nicknamed the local "Maldives," on July 11, 2019 (ROSTISLAV NETISOV/AFP/Getty Images).
A young woman poses for pictures by a Novosibirsk energy plant's ash dump site, nicknamed the local "Maldives," on July 11, 2019 (ROSTISLAV NETISOV/AFP/Getty Images).

Have you heard of this lake, just outside the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, nicknamed the "local Maldives"?

The man-made lake is a stunningly gorgeous shade of turquoise -- which seems to be the reason why people are flocking there to take photos for Instagram.

The only problem?

The Washington Post said it best: “The Siberian lake isn’t a natural wonder. It’s a man-made dumping area for waste from a nearby power plant — and its striking color is due to dissolved calcium salts and other metal oxides, which can be harmful if they come into contact with people.”

The operator of that power plant, Siberian Generating Company, shared a warning to a Russian social networking site, VK, just last month.

It was written in Russian, but because Google Chrome is a helpful browser, it’s easy to translate the webpage to English.

Here are some good excerpts:

  • “Last week, our ash dump (was) the star of social networks.”
  • “You cannot swim in the ash dump. The water in it has a high alkaline environment.”
  • “Skin contact with such water may cause an allergic reaction."
  • “The bottom of the ash dump is muddy! Getting out of the reservoir alone is almost impossible.” ⠀ 


Regardless of the warning, here are some of the photos we found on Instagram, if you search the location: ТЭЦ-5.

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💙 #безфильтров

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Новосибирские Мальдивы. Летом 2019 года о «Новосибирских Мальдивах» написало местное издание НГС. В репортаже, в частности, упоминался «сильный запах стирального порошка, щелочи». Запах появляется при подъезде к водоему; по его берегам можно увидеть засохшие деревья и голубых чаек. «Неясно — окрасила ли вода крылья птиц, или это всего лишь отражение», — сообщал корреспондент НГС. К водоему, по информации новосибирского издания, можно свободно проехать. Но формально это режимный промышленный объект, где могут находиться только сотрудники ТЭЦ, прошедшие инструктаж. В «Сибирской генерирующей компании», которой принадлежит ТЭЦ-5, заявили, что ярко-голубая вода безопасна, но купаться в ней и пить ее все же не стоит. О «Новосибирских Мальдивах» вскоре узнали по всей России. О них писали издания в диапазоне от TJournal, 360 до РИА Новости, ТАССа и «Интерфакса». А затем и за ее пределами. О «Maldives of Novosibirsk» рассказали, в числе прочих, The New York Times, The Guardian, South China Morning Post и The Times of India. Статьи сопровождалась огромным количеством фотографий из инстаграма. Самым популярным оказался снимок с надувным единорогом...» @maldives_nsk Что думаете по этому поводу?

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It seems as though a lot of people are happy to take photos there without entering the water, according to published reports.

People don't seem to be very worried. One woman told CNN she saw people setting up “whole picnics by the lake” and “one man even bathed there.”

The power plant company has said that two independent laboratories are confirming the ash dump isn’t poisonous and the “radiation hue there is fine.”

“Blue gulls do not fly there, and plants (don't) die,” the statement said.

Still, the water could lead to an allergic reaction, as stated by the company above.

Overall, maybe we can all agree: this doesn't seem like the best place to flock for Instagram pictures, does it?

Anyone up for a trip to Lake Tahoe instead?

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