Travel trends, tips for spring break

Hot travel spots for 2013

DETROIT - The only thing more fun that going on vacation, just might be planning your next trip to someplace new! Ruth to the Rescue recently talked to the travel experts at about some of the new trends in 2013. Some of the destinations are more interesting than your usual beach vacation.

Speaking of beach vacations, if you're planning a spring break trip, you better get busy. Jeanenne Tornatore is the Senior Editor at She says you should really start planning that trip very soon. In fact, another expert, David Fishman of the Cadillac Travel Group in Southfield, says you should have started planning spring break back in OCTOBER!

"It's getting there that's becoming more and more difficult because of all the consolidation of airlines," Fishman said.  He's told Ruth to the Rescue how great air fares are getting harder and harder to find. There are fewer seats available because of that consolidation, which drives up prices, and can make it difficult to book those prime, non-stop flights.

Spring Break:

For spring hot spots, Tornatore says you might head to the desert instead of the ocean.

"Phoenix is one of them, with average hotel rates are just $100 a night, and its great for spring training. Its' a wonderful family friendly destination," said Jeanenne Tornatore, Senior Editor of We spoke with one Metro-Detroit traveler who says she spent spring break in Florida, but good deals in Phoenix sound tempting. "I would definitely consider Phoenix. I've heard good things about Phoenix. I'd like to get there someday," said Adrienne Rodgers of Canton.

Of course, if you're looking for family-friendly, you cannot forget Walt Disney World. Tornatore says hotel rates tend to be a little lower there as well because of the huge amount of inventory for all different price points.

Surprisingly Popular: has surveyed plenty of its travel experts and came up with three hot spots you might not have thought about. Topping the list this year are Charleston, South Carolina, New Orleans, and New Zealand.

"It's a quaint little town. Fabulous restaurants. There's water there. People are really friendly." That's how Cindy Pohlman of Ann Arbor described Charleston.

Tornatore says you can credit Hollywood with sparking new interest in the other land Down Under. 

"The Hobbit has really really drawn people to this destination. tourism New Zealand has see a huge spike in interest," said Jeanenne Tornatore,Senior Editor of

"It would definitely be an adventure to get across somewhere outside the states," agreed Daniel O'Kelly of Ferndale.

Bargain Hunter Alert:

Finally, technology is the final new trend of 2013. Tornatore says more and more people are using their phones to book last-minute travel. For example, tourists might be driving along the highway, looking for hotels on their smart phone.

Also, she says social media is a hot spot for special deals. "This is really a win for the customer because they're offering more and more deals via their social media outlets."

Tornatore says travelers should "like" their favorite travel companies on Facebook. Or, follow them on Twitter.  Once you're hooked up, you'll get the notifications of bargains other people might miss.

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