TSA arrests man headed for Detroit with gun in carry-on

Man stopped, arrested at Cleveland airport with loaded handgun

DETROIT - A man was arrested Tuesday at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport with a gun in his bag, and he was minutes away from boarding a flight to Detroit.

TSA officials found a .380 caliber gun, loaded with five rounds, including one in the chamber, in the man's carry-on bag. He now faces weapons charges.

TSA officials say it is becoming a big problem. Travelers have been forgetting to take their guns out of their carry-on bags a lot more lately. Officers at airports across the country found 31 firearms in bags just this week alone.

Travelers are allowed to have firearms in checked baggage if they are appropriately packaged and permitted. Firearms must be unloaded, packed in a hard-side, locked case and packed separately from ammunition.

Travelers should always go through carry-on bags to make sure there are no prohibited items. The TSA will catch those who don't follow the law, and it will cost offenders a lot of money.

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