WATCH: Novi boys bring invention to 'Tonight Show' Fallonventions


Two local kids appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday night to show off one of their inventions.

In the segment dubbed "Fallonventions," 9-year-olds Graham Long and Tyler Parks, from Novi, brought their invention, the "S-Cubed," to the show.

"It sucks, shakes and sorts," the kids told Fallon. That got a nice laugh. "After the demo, we'll see if it sucks or not," Fallon replied.

The boys told Jimmy it was invented to quickly pick up LEGOS on the ground at home.

"Sometimes it doesn't work," the boys said. "Ah, who cares," said Fallon. "I think it's a great invention, it's great."

Check it out below:

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