The Music Pioneer Celebrated In Detroit

A Detroit star who's celebrated around the world every year for his influence on music. If you don't know the name J Dilla you likely know his sound which all started right here in Detroit! The producer passed at a young age from lupus, but his legacy lives on. 

Maureen Yancey, more affectionately know as Ma Dukes, is J Dilla's mother. And Barry Yett, also know as DJ Butter, joined Tati in the studio to talk about the events around the globe held in J Dilla's honor. 

Coming up February 9th-11th it's Dilla Youth Day in Detroit at the Wright Museum, where kids can come and learn about the music industry, the equipment, and to find their strengths in the music world.

There is also, Dillatroit, at the Dime Underground on February 11th to show the unity of Detroit and Detroit Musicians. 

Dilla's legacy also lives on through his love for the pastry in Dilla's Delights! To try some yourself you can find them at: 242 John R Street, Detroit, MI 48226