Meet Detroit's self-proclaimed 'premier garbage artist'

Scott Hocking is turning garbage into art in Detroit.

For years, Hocking has been installing art into some of Detroit's most iconic abandoned areas, including the Michigan Central Station, the old Fisher Plant and more. 

Recently, Hocking created a Detroit version of Stonehenge, which he calls "Seventeen Shitty Mountains," also a play on Las Vegas' Magic Mountains.

Hocking said he started using waste for art because he was disheartened by how much people were wasting.

If you missed the installment around Detroit's Eastern Market, it'll be back in the spring. 

Watch Alex Atwell's story on Hocking and his latest Detroit installations in the video player above.

Below are some of his previous installations, including at Michigan Central Station in 2007 and at the Fisher Plant in 2007.

(Check out more of Hocking's work here and buy photos from the David Klein Gallery)


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