It's Movement weekend! Here's how to survive Detroit's 3-day music festival

And the non-stop partying


DETROIT – Movement weekend is here! 

Detroit's electronic music festival returns to Hart Plaza Saturday with dozens of musical acts to see over the span of three days. Tens of thousands of fans are expected to attend with some festival-goers coming from across the globe.

So to guarantee a great time, here's a few things to consider if it's your first time. Or if you're a Movement veteran, a quick refresher to stay on top of your festival game:

Bring your dancing shoes

This isn’t Coachella. Put fashion aside and think comfort if you plan on dancing for hours all over Hart Plaza’s concrete jungle.

Water, water, water

Remember to stay hydrated. Those that end up needing medical attention typically need it because they're dehydrated. And though it won’t be a scorcher like in years past, it will still be hot enough to work up a sweat, especially since you’ll be surrounded by tens of thousands of other warm bodies. And speaking of heat...

Check the festival forecast

Before you make your way to the venue, make sure you're dressed for the weather. It may rain while you're there, so bring a pocket poncho. Also, the breeze from the riverfront could make for a chilly evening so bring a sweatshirt if you think you'll need it.

Find the updated forecast here

Pack your patience

There will be lines. Lines to get into the festival, lines for the bathrooms and lines for the after parties. So plan ahead if you’re trying to catch a specific set.

Don't do drugs

Because drugs are bad, mmkay. Seriously, if you plan on taking illicit substances from strangers, at least be smart. You really don’t know what you’re getting. 

Take it slow, it's not a race

Remember it’s more than 72 hours of non-stop partying (if you include all the afterparties). If you plan on drinking, keep in mind drunks tend to make the biggest fools of themselves and are usually the ones ruining the good vibes. 

Your after-party needs can be met here

Be nice to the people around you

As a wise man once said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

And most importantly, have fun!

Tickets are still on sale and will be sold at the festival gates. Single-day passes are $99, a weekend pass is $199. Secure your ticket here.