Take a trip back in time with Detroit History Tours

If you're looking to learn about the history of Detroit, look no further than Detroit History Tours.

Detroit History Tours invites you to share in those incredible tales of adventure, experimentation, activism, showmanship, and pure Detroit gumption.

"Allow us to be your guide to the hidden history of our beautiful city. Whether you are a born and raised Tigers fan or brand new to the Motor City our in-depth, highly researched, expert led tours have something for everyone," the site reads.

"Our tours are designed to be hyper informative as well as hugely entertaining. Drinking is not allowed on the bus or while walking but is encouraged at our historic bar stops. Unless otherwise noted tours are not kid friendly. Swearing and drinking come with the history folks."

The company offers bus and walking tours and operate year-round. Get more information on the tours here.

Watch Alex Atwell's Uniquely Detroit feature story in the video player above.

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