You Need To Try This Unique Sport In The D!

The ice rink at Campus Martius is a destination for everyone in the D over the winter, but it's not just for ice skaters. There's something else happening on the rink that anyone can do and you don't even need skates. 

Local 4 photographer Alex Atwell showed us the unique game sweeping the D called Broomball.

Broomball is like floor hockey on ice. The rules of the game are actually very basic. You have a ball, you have a broom, and you try to score the ball in the other team's goal.  

As easy as that seems, when you watch the sport played, it's actually really intense. Think about running around on ice, in shoes. You fall. You fall a lot. 

The sport is put on by Come Play Detroit and they do many other fun things around the city, including a euchre league that's starting up soon.