4 hacks help you have fun at the movies - Vote 4 the Best 2017

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DETROIT – Going to the movies is something that almost everyone enjoys, so here are 4 tips to improve your next trip to the theater. And if your favorite movie venue is nominated in Local 4’s Vote 4 the Best, you can vote for them once per hour at ClickOnDetroit.com/4thebest.

1. Want butter on every bite of popcorn?—Most movie theaters have a butter dispenser for your popcorn at the concession stand, but that only covers the very top layer of popcorn. Food lover Dan Pashman has a great suggestion in his book "Eat More Better." Use a straw as a tube from the butter dispenser to the bottom of your popcorn bucket. This ensures that every bite is as buttery and delicious as the first.

2. Get the best seat in the house—How Stuff Works reported that the best place to sit in a movie theater is about two thirds of the way back from the screen, a few seats to the left or right from the center of the row. This is because sound technicians check the audio levels from two thirds of the way back, and the stereo effect will be enhanced if you are slightly off-center.

3. Walk out of a bad movie—If you are 20 to 30 minutes into a movie and realize it isn’t for you, don’t be afraid to walk out. Most movie theater managers will allow you to swap out your ticket so that you can see a different movie, and your money is not wasted. (Source: Mental Floss)

4. Join your theater’s reward program—Most theaters offer a program that lets you sign up for free, earn points and claim rewards. Check out your local movie theater to see if they offer reward programs. 

Try these hacks next time you go to the movies, and let us know which theater is your favorite over in the Arts and Entertainment category of Vote 4 the Best at ClickOnDetroit.com/4thebest or right at the bottom of this page.

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