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DETROIT – Happy International Beer Day!  Today is a day where we celebrate this delicious drink.  In honor of this festive occasion, here are some fun facts about beer.

  • In 1759 a man by the name of Arthur Guinness (yes that Guinness) signed a 9,000 year lease for the land at St. James’s Gate, in Dublin, Ireland. The Guinness Brewery has perfected their classic Irish Stout and by the looks of it they are not leaving anytime soon. ( Guinness.com )

  • The color of beer depends on the amount of time the barley is roasted.  If the barley is roasted for a short time, you are going to get a lighter color.  If the barley is roasted for a longer time, you will get a dark color. ( Wettenimporters.com )

  • The reason why an I.P.A or India Pale Ale is so hoppy is because the English colonists in India wanted an English beer; however, the beer would go bad by the time it made it to India, so the English started adding extra hops so the beer could withstand the journey, thus creating the I.P.A. ( BBC.com )

So what’s your favorite type of beer?  Is it the popular pale ale, or could it be the dark stout?  Vote for your favorite beer below.

Don’t see the type you like? Comment below and tell us what your favorite is.


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We would like to thank our longtime sponsors Wallside Windows.  They started as a small business and now they are celebrating 73 years in Michigan.