Vote 4 the Best Pets: Veterinary winner tells us why they're unique

Local vet hospital of only 6 months shares their passion for treating patients


Congratulations to Woodhaven Animal Hospital on winning Vote 4 the Best Pets veterinarian category!

Woodhaven Animal Hospital is a veterinary clinic and animal hospital run by Dr. Lucretia Greear. She has been practicing at other facilities for many years, and is now able to live her dream of owning her own business.

After opening Woodhaven Animal Hospital this past November, Dr. Greear enjoys having the freedom to rescue animals. Having her own practice gives her the opportunity to take chances on her ideas that may be different from standard medicine. Dr. Greear focuses on integrative eastern, western and herbalist medicine. She also performs a vaccine protocol for her patients, which focuses on healing animals based on their lifestyle.

“I believe in conventional medicine but I also believe that there’s other things out there that can be just as helpful or more helpful.”

Woodhaven Animal Hospital focuses on finding the right treatment for each individual patient.

“Our patients want hope and that’s what we give them.”


Dr. Greear with Gracie

One particular patient, a dog named Gracie, came in brain dead. Dr. Greear treated Gracie using a hyperbaric chamber, a treatment made for humans, exposing more oxygen to the body at a larger pressure. The treatment saved Gracie's life.

“[I] never wanted to do anything else in my entire life, since I was a very little girl,” Dr. Greear said. Her mom still has a three-lined yellow paper from 2nd grade in which Dr. Greear wrote, “I want to be a veterinarian”. Her passion had her attempting to save animals at a very young age. She has an early memory of trying to piece together a grasshopper with broken leg.  

Laura Dreyer, a receptionist at Woodhaven Animal Hospital, told us they are the only veterinary hospital in Michigan who provides a hyperbaric chamber for their patients, making the healing process less painful. They also carry various new equipment, such as MRI and 3D CT scanning, to better diagnose and treat clients.


They are currently moving their office a new space in the building to improve their services. This includes an open lobby, private examination rooms, a quarantine room, and a double-use surgery room.

Their win this year began with a customer nominating them as their favorite vet. From there, Dr. Greear and her team began their own campaign using social media and word of mouth in attempt to receive the most votes in our Vote 4 the Best Pets veterinary category!


The community has given the Woodhaven Animal Hospital an overwhelming response in welcoming their new integrative medicine. Congratulations to Woodhaven Animal Hospital and all other winners in Vote 4 the Best Pets! You can see the results below!