WARNING to Vote 4 The Best Businesses!

Beware of companies trying to sell you plaques using WDIV's name



We'd like you to know that:
Local 4 is not associated in any way with companies that may be contacting you about buying plaques. We would never contact you by phone asking you to buy anything.

And while Local 4 no longer sends out plaques to the winning businesses, we will be happy to provide you with artwork that you can take to a printer of your choice.

If you'd like to use the printer we have worked with in the past, you can get a discount on a plaque by mentioning Vote 4 the Best. 

Contact Information:
Mark Jaroh
MJ Awards

Best way to request plaque is via email:

**Businesses should mention Vote 4 the Best and WDIV to get our discount rate.

Ph: 248-557-5191