Best Grooming winner appears on Local 4 First at 4

Lilly and Ashley Spape stop by to celebrate!

For the second year in a row The Downriver Grooming Company has won for "Best Groomer" in Vote 4 The Best Pets. Owner Ashley Spape says that it's due to her customers, who are very supportive of the company.

It's no wonder that they care so much; Ashley makes it a point to handle even the difficult cases, because keeping our furry friends clean is a big part of keeping them healthy. Ashley also donates her talents to any and all rescues and shelters in the downriver area.

Ashley said, "Cocker spaniels are the most difficult to groom because they have thick, oily coats and usually grow warts," later adding, "Cavalier king charles are related to cocker spaniels, but they're actually the easiest to groom overall because their temperament is so relaxed!"

Ashley wasn't alone with us in the studio today. She was joined by Lilly, a 7 year old bulldog with a fabulous dye job and watermelon nails.

"She loves having her paws held. We can just sit together and hold hands for hours."

Karen Drew and Ben Bailey were instantly charmed by Lilly, just like the rest of the office. On her way to the set Lilly quietly walked up to nearly everyone on the Local 4 staff and gave them a polite greeting, letting them shake her paws with the watermelon nails.

She finished her interview with that shake, and now she and Ashley are off to their next adventure. Tomorrow they'll be hosting a bake sale for the River Rouge Animal Shelter, where they will be donating 100% of the profits to the shelter.

You can find more information on their facebook page.