Happy International Yoga Day!

Vote for your favorite yoga studio and more in Local 4's Vote 4 the Best


Happy International Yoga Day!

Because it’s International Yoga Day, here are some interesting facts about the ancient practice.

  • Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice originating in India thousands of years ago. (The United Nations)
  • The word yoga comes from a sanskirt term meaning to join or to unite – in this case – uniting your body and consciousness. (The United Nations)
  • Yoga has recently increased in popularity, with several interesting yoga classes being offered, like goat yoga, cat yoga even brew yoga, where you can enjoy your favorite beer, while practicing mindfulness.

So to honor this day, Vote 4 the Best wants to know what your favorite yoga studio is in metro Detroit.

Head on over to the Yoga Studio page in the Fitness section on Local 4’s 2019 Vote 4 the Best to vote. And while you're there - you can vote for any of the nearly 200 area businesses.

You can vote once per hour, per category, until July 14. Help make your favorite a winner!

We’d like to thank Wallside Windows for their longtime sponsorship of Vote 4 the Best and their support of southeast Michigan’s local businesses. Wallside is a Taylor, MI-based family business that manufactures and installs custom replacement windows. Now in their third generation, they're celebrating the company's 75th anniversary.