Vote 4 the Best: Tips for Becoming Vegan

Vote for your favorite vegan restaurant and more in Local 4's Vote 4 the Best.


Thinking about becoming vegan?

Veganism consists of not consuming any product derived from an animal. This, of course, includes meat, dairy products, eggs, honey, and others. However, it also includes other products like clothes with leather, silk, fur, and wool.

If you’re considering becoming vegan, here are some things you should keep in mind to ensure a smoother transition:

  • Start slow: You don’t have to go from a meat-eating diet directly to veganism overnight. For example, you can transition first into being a lacto-ovo vegetarian, refraining from eating meats but still consuming eggs and dairy products. Go at the pace that you are most comfortable with (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics).
  • Watch your nutrients: A change in diet also means a change in nutrient intake. Before transitioning, make sure to read on options on how to acquire nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, and vitamin D with your new diet (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).
  • Explore your options: New things in life can be exciting, and a vegan transition shouldn’t be any different! Try out new recipes at home or find new dining options in the city. Remember that a restaurant doesn’t have to be exclusively vegan to have vegan options: ask your favorite dining place if they have any vegan dishes you could try!

If you’re new to veganism, don’t worry—so are we! Vote 4 the Best just launched a category for the best vegan restaurant, and we want to know your favorites.

Check out our Vegan page in the Dining section on Local 4’s 2019 Vote 4 the Best contest. You can let us know the best vegan options in town, as well as your favorite local businesses in nearly 200 categories.

You can vote once per hour, per category. Voting closes on July 14. Make sure to help your favorite businesses win!

We’d like to thank Wallside Windows for their longtime sponsorship of Vote 4 the Best and their support of southeast Michigan’s local businesses. Wallside is a Taylor, MI-based family business that manufactures and installs custom replacement windows. Now in their third generation, they're celebrating the company's 75th anniversary.