Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery celebrates Vote 4 the Best win!

'Ethnic Specialty Grocery' winner shares snacks from UK

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Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery was here early Friday morning to announce that they won first place in this year's "Ethnic Specialty Grocery" category in Vote 4 the Best. 

While they may have won for their imported groceries, they're known primarily as a bakery. They offer plenty of traditional options, from sweet treats like scones and fern cakes, to savory options like meat pies and haggis.

One of the things that makes Ackroyd's baked goods stand out are the modern takes on traditional recipes. They offer "Millionaire's S'mores," a take on the Scottish classic "Millionaire's Shortbread," which they also carry. Instead of the traditional caramel and shortbread, Ackroyd's makes their Millionaire's S'mores with marshmallow and a graham cracker shortbread. 

Some of the shop's grocery items are also uniquely British. One snack they offer are the marmite potato chips, which are flavored after the popular British sandwich spread that has such a polarizing flavor that its official slogan is "Love it or hate it." They also carry Irn Bru, a soft drink that is so popular in Scotland that it outsells every other drink there. 

If you're eager to try out some treats from across the pond, you can find their baked goods, teas, jams, and imported groceries HERE.

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