Vote 4 the Best: 4 benefits of Zumba

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By Kelsie Donaldson - Intern

DETROIT - Vote 4 the Best is going on right now and we want to know your favorite places. One of the most popular categories is Zumba. This dance fitness program has many benefits that make it a healthy—and fun—choice. Here are four benefits of Zumba:

  • It burns calories and fat—The average person will burn between 600 and 1000 calories per Zumba class. Routines are usually designed to provide intervals of intensity through both the pace of the music and the type of movement to ensure maximum benefits. (Source: Health Fitness Revolution and Fitness Blender)
  • It’s easy to get started—Livestrong  reports that there isn’t a large learning curve when it comes to Zumba. Usually, newcomers can simply follow the instructor’s movements to keep up with the class. There aren’t any wordy instructions to slow you down. 
  • It improves your mood—Dance movements have been shown to decrease stress and increase serotonin levels—that is, the “feel-good” hormone. According to Harvard Medical School, Zumba also can increase skills such as decision making and visual recognition.
  • There’s a class for everyone—There are so many different types of Zumba classes that you’re guaranteed to find one that works for you. HealthPRO mentions Zumba classes with routines specifically designed for women, kids, senior citizens.

If you are enjoying the benefits of Zumba, vote for your favorite Metro Detroit studio in our Vote 4 the Best Zumba category!

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