Top 5 best haunted houses near Detroit

See the winners from the 2012 Vote 4 The Best in haunted houses

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Looking for some of the best haunted houses near Detroit this Halloween? Local 4 viewers like you have chosen some of the scariest and spookiest haunted houses in the area to get your thrill on.  We'll countdown our top five Vote 4 The Best winners in haunted houses across Metro Detroit.

VOTE 4 THE BEST: Haunted Houses

5) Scarefest Scream Park

Beginning our countdown is Scarefest Scream Park, located in Lenox, Michigan. Established in 2006, Scarefest Scream Park offers four attractions, including the Castle of the Dead, Hayride of Doom, Forest of Darkness and the Terror Zone Maze.

"Scarefest is the only fright park I've been to that had the truly great scares I want when I pay for a halloween experience," says one Local 4 viewer in our Vote 4 The Best guide. "The humor, lulling you into a sense of security, followed by the horror. Fantastic."

To learn more and for directions to Scarefest Scream Park, click here.

4) Haunted-Hollows

Continuing our list of best haunted houses is Haunted-Hollows in Armada, Michigan. Haunted-Hollows says it has Michigan's largest vortex or spinning tunnel of death.

Also home to a corn maze and Cries at Midnight Haunted Hayride, Haunted-Hollows says its three story barn was burnt to the ground last December by somebody...or something.

"By far the most realistic haunt I've been to," raves Matt on our Vote 4 The Best page. "This isn't your ordinary kids dressed in hoodies and blue jeans. Definitely surprised me."

Click here to learn more about Haunted-Hollows.

3) Erebus Haunted Attraction

Erebus Haunted Attraction comes in third place in our Vote 4 The Best haunted house contest. Located in Pontiac, Michigan, the four story attraction is the world's largest haunted house, according to Guinness World Records.

Along with free T-shirt giveaways every night, Erebus says things will bite you, grab you, and fall on top of you.

"I drove from Cleveland, Ohio: Worth the gas and the time," recommends Jenna. "I have seen a lot of hunted houses, but this was the best by far: Really kept your mind going!"

For directions, head to our Erebus Haunted Attraction page.

2) The Terrorfied Forest and Manor

If the first three haunted attractions didn't give you goosebumps, perhaps the Terrorfied Forest and Manor outdoor attraction will.

The Terrorfied Forest is a thirty acre attraction that will take you deep into dark abandoned woods. The Terrorfied Manor is located indoors and is a second haunt next to the forest. The attraction says here, you'll find out what happened to patients at the Hillcrest Sanitarium before it was torn down.

"This place rocks," says Bob. "Everyone is so nice and it's not the same from year to year."

For directions to the Terrorfied Forest and Manor, click here.

1) Darksyde Acres

Coming in first place of our 2012 Vote 4 The Best haunted houses contest is Darksyde Acres, located in Jonesville, Michigan.

Recommended over 300 times by voters, Darksyde Acres is nearly a mile long and is one of the largest in the midwest and in the tri-state area.

"Darksyde Acres is really one of the best haunted acres in Michigan," says one Local 4 viewer. "Be sure to check them out this year. I have a feeling it's going to be bloody."

In addition to three indoor haunted houses, Darksyde Acres also offers hayrides, an outdoor maze, Zombie Paintball and DeathRace 2012. With seven attractions in all, Darksyde Acres says they will give you more scares for your dollar at every turn.

Click here for directions to Darksyde Acres in Jonesville.

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