Vote 4 the Best Pets: 2nd place winner tells us about their uncommon services!

Bubble Puppy is known for having a unique addition to their salon

Bubble Puppy took second place for grooming, but that's not all they're known for. They have a 15-by30-foot indoor/in-ground pool just for dogs!

Owner Colleen Medere got the idea when her husband no longer wanted to keep up their pool at home, but she knew her dogs would miss it because they love it so much. She then realized other pet owners must have the same need. 

She said having a pool facility like this is very helpful to overweight or elderly dogs who have a hard time walking for exercise. 

"Put them in a pool and they're like puppies again."

She also mentioned that it's a great way for older people to make sure their dogs are getting the proper exercise then need to be healthy. 

They hold open swims twice a day, as well as private lessons and parties. 

Colleen also said that Bubble Puppy is the first salon in the area to have open concept grooming. She wanted to take away the mystery that most grooming places have when they take your dog away behind closed doors. Bubble Puppy keeps an open concept for all their clients to see what they do. 

Bubble Puppy also grooms rescue dogs for free. This helps them to feel and look better, and aids in the adoption process. 

Congratulations to Bubble Puppy and the other winners of Vote 4 the Best Pets! See results below.