How Weather Works: Cloud in a Bottle

Cloud in a Bottle - How Weather Works with Brandon Roux

How Clouds Work - Cloud in a Bottle Experiment
Brought to you by Local 4 Caster Brandon Roux's How Weather Works
Parental guidance is mandatory!

Have you ever wondered How Weather Works? Local 4 Caster Brandon Roux teaches us how to answer some of those questions using fun experiments!

There are 3 things needed to make a cloud form:
1. Water
2. Air Pressure
3. Dust or smoke

To make your own cloud, you will need these supplies:
- Funnel
- 2L Bottle
- Warm water
- 2 matches (and an adult!)

Use the funnel to pour the warm water into the 2L bottle until it is about a third full. That water will represent our water source, like a lake or an ocean. Light two matches at once, drop them into the bottle, then get the cap on it as quickly as you can.

Now that it’s sealed, when you squeeze the bottle it simulates high pressure, which means good weather and clear skies. When you let go, it simulates low pressure, which forces the smoke to grab onto the water and gives us bad, cloudy weather! Squeeze and release the bottle and watch your very own clouds form!