Thrillist: Michigan has 7th most enjoyable summer season in America


DETROIT – Michigan is one of the best summer states in America.

Thrillist published a list this week ranking every state by how miserable their summer season is -- Michigan was ranked No. 44. Or, as we see it, No. 7 for best summers!

If you’re from Michigan, you know certain things. You know that a cold Oberon tastes like a Michigan summer. Y

ou know that Boston Coolers and Coney dogs ALSO taste like a Michigan summer, even if their geographic nomenclature suggests otherwise.

And you know you’re not going to argue about the relative merits of summertime in Michigan with strangers on the internet, because you’re too busy enjoying a perfect piece of lakefront someplace to care about them, or about the little black flies that thirst only for your flesh.

Washington, Minnesota and Rhode Island took the top spots for best summers, while Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona and Alabama ranked lowest, or most miserable.


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