SE Michigan weather: Heat index near 100 degrees or more on July 4

It's one hot Independence Day in Michigan


DETROIT – We're looking at a very hot July 4, 2018 with chances for rain. 

High temperatures are expected to be in the 90s on Wednesday, but it's the combination of those temps and high humidity that will put the heat index near 100 degrees F or more. A heat advisory is in effect in Metro Detroit from noon to 8 p.m. 

With the high humidity, meteorologist Brandon Roux is forecasting scattered or isolated thundershowers with "some heavy downpours possible, so keep an eye to the skies especially for those of you south of I-94, but don’t cancel any plans."

According to Weather Underground's data, the high temperature on July 4, 2017 was 80 degrees in Detroit. The record high for Detroit on July 4 is 100 degrees. 

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