Check out the new ClickOnDetroit Weather Center radar section


If you're not using the Local4Casters weather app for radar (which you should be), then we have another option of you to track live radar. 

The ClickOnDetroit Weather Center radar section -- clickondetroit.com/weathercenter/radar -- offers a reliable way to stay on top of rain and storms not only in Michigan but across the globe. 

Here are some of the local pages you'll want to bookmark: 

On each page you'll notice a hierarchy at the top showing which part of the Weather Center radar section you have landed upon. 

For instance, here's what it looks like on the Grand Rapids radar page:  

> Weather > Weather Center > Radar > Midwest Radar > Michigan Radar > Kent County Radar > Grand Rapids Radar

This is meant to help you navigate the section. We're building more pages each day and revising what's on pages based on user feedback. 

Get a personalized radar page

If you find yourself checking the radar a lot (because you're a weather nerd like me!), then I highly suggest signing up for a personalized weather radar page. 

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