No more snow days? School district replaces day off with online classes


Snow days are a magical thing when you're a kid. Now, one school district is trying to take that magic away.

Anderson School District 5 in South Carolina announced a new policy with snow days this week that will take effect this year: online classes instead of snow days.

The news is enough to break a child's heart. 

"With today's technology, it makes so much sense, from the practical standpoint and financially," said District 5 Superintendent Tom Wilson, who proposed the idea to the state's Education Oversight Committee (EOC) in May. "Technology has changed every profession, and we have the technology in place to keep kids working during the snow days and eliminate the makeup days.

"I  think we will be a good model for the state," he added. "We've invested $11 million in Chromebooks in the last five years, and this enables us to make use of it."

It's the first district in the state to try this pilot program. Students don't even need a WiFi connection as the assignments can be downloaded ahead of time. All students register before the school year begins. 

 "No longer will we need to run buses mid-June for a makeup day that only a quarter of our students attend," Wilson said. "We have the resources in Anderson 5, and doing this allows us to utilize those resources to their fullest extent."

It's worth nothing that this is taking place in South Carolina -- a state that doesn't get winter weather very often. Would this work in Michigan?

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