December warm up on the way this weekend in Metro Detroit, but don't open the pool just yet


Summer is just around the corner. If the corner is really far away from where you currently are.

It's been unseasonably cold so far this year. It's not even winter yet and we've been dealing with below freezing temperatures and even colder wind chills.

I mean, come on, Mother Nature! Give us a break. 

Well, this weekend, we're getting a little bit of a break. Here's the projected high temp for the next four days:

  • Thursday: 40 degrees
  • Friday: 44 degrees (Shower chances)
  • Saturday: 43 degrees (Nice day)
  • Sunday: 43 degrees (Nicer day)

So, it's better than it has been, but not really "break out the shorts" weather. We'll enjoy it and appreciate it while it lasts - which won't be for long.

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