WATCH: Man documents trip across Mackinac Bridge in blizzard-like conditions


The weather was so treacherous on Tuesday, the Mackinac Bridge was closed to traffic for several hours.

The closure began around 1 p.m., after a multi-car accident was reported on the bridge.

Rick Weiss happened to be traveling across the bridge at the time. He managed to avoid the crash, but documented the hazardous driving conditions.

"I have to tell you, these guys on the Mackinac Bridge, the workers, they are awesome, they are out here in all kinds of weather making sure things go good," said Weiss told NBC 25.

Man makes it through Blizzard like conditions and multi-car crash on Mackinac Bridge

WILD RIDE: Imagine driving across the Mackinac Bridge in blizzard-like conditions and then having to avoid a multi-car crash. That's what happens to Rick Weiss. Read Story: http://bit.ly/2BsRaV9

Posted by NBC25 on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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