Michigan teenager gets caught in tornadoes while delivering pizzas

Crews lined the roads of Durand and Vernon to handle fallen trees, power lines and debris.

The area near the intersection of M-71 and I-69 was one of the areas hit hardest by Thursday's tornadoes and thunderstorms.

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The Stone family is in shock after a tornado swept through their yard and damaged their home. Mary Warner-Stone's 18-year-old daughter, Caitlin Stone, was caught in the storms while delivering pizzas for a local Hungry Howie's.

She took three deliveries out at once and didn't think twice until she made her first stop.

"The lady told me a tornado was coming but I didn't believe her," Stone said. "I went to the second one and the sirens started going off."

That's when she saw the tornado touch down. She didn't see any damage, so she kept going to deliver her final pizza. The homeowner invited her inside and she gathered with strangers in their basement to wait out the storm.

Authorities are reminding residents to avoid fallen power lines and to not place themselves in harm's way by entering damaged structures. 

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