Here's what you should know about weekend snow hype in Metro Detroit


So you've probably heard about possible snow in Metro Detroit this weekend.

It's April in Michigan, and we occasionally see some early spring snow -- it's not a huge surprise. But it's April 26 and temperatures have been above freezing for a decent amount of time. 

While a headline may say "snow," the truth of the matter is, it's not real snow, as we know it. In Michigan, snow means plow trucks, shovels and school closings.

This weekend's snow is nothing more than some white stuff on your lawn, and at worst, some slush on the roads on an early Sunday morning that will melt once the sun pops up.

So yes, you may see some snow this weekend. But it isn't "real" snow, by Michigan standards. 

Here's the weekend forecast from the Local 4Casters:

Saturday night is where things get interesting. Rain will overspread the area and, as temperatures cool into the mid 30s (2 degrees Celsius), some of that rain will change to snow.  The farther north you are, the better the chance of getting some snowflakes. And the snow will probably come down pretty good at some point.  

Now, it’s important to remember that above freezing air temperatures combined with above freezing pavement temperatures mean that the snow won’t stick to the roads -- at worst, there could be a little slush.  

However, there’s a good bet that some will stick to grass, and elevated surfaces such as mailboxes, patio furniture, decks, and your car parked outside -- perhaps even two to three inches! So don’t be surprised if you wake up Sunday morning to falling snow and some white on the ground.

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