South Haven pier engulfed by water amid high winds, lake levels


Michigan's lake water levels are so high, piers are vanishing.

The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids posted a picture of a pier in South Haven submerged due to high lake levels and strong winds.

"STEER CLEAR OF THE PIER on days like today," NWS said in a tweet.

Earlier this week, waves of up for six feet high were forecasted for Lake Michigan, along with rip currents, lakeshore flooding, dune erosion and swamped piers.

Wet spring weather has pushed Lake Erie’s water level to its highest point ever recorded.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the shallowest of the Great Lakes hit the milestone in May, surpassing the previous peak set in 1986.

Lake Superior also reached its highest known level for the month of May, although it has been even higher at other times of year.

The Corps began measuring Great Lakes levels in 1918. The Corps says flooding and coastal erosion threats will continue along Great Lakes coasts, especially during storms.

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