Ozone Action Day declared in Southeast Michigan: What that means

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DETROIT – An Ozone Action Day has been declared in Southeast Michigan today with temperatures rising to dangerous levels.

Here's a look at what to expect today:

We are under an Air Quality Alert or Ozone Action Day here in Metro Detroit. This is a combination of stagnant air mixing with sunshine and creating unhealthy levels of ozone which makes it difficult to breath for many. Do your best to avoid doing too much outside, and avoid adding pollution into the air as best you can today.

Highs will be in the mid to upper 80s, feeling even warmer with morning sun filling with afternoon clouds and storm chances. We have a Marginal Risk for severe weather after 2pm this afternoon. Some storms may produce damaging wind, deadly lightning, and some heavy downpours. Be careful all around today.

More on the forecast here from Brandon Roux

What to do during Ozone Action Day

Here are some simple things that Southeast Michigan residents can do to help keep the air clean on Monday:

  • Delay mowing your lawn until evening or the next day. Exhaust from your lawn mower and other gas-powered lawn and garden equipment help form ozone.
  • Leave your car at home. Instead, take the bus, carpool, bike, walk, or telecommute. You'll reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, as well as save money. Learn more about Southeast Michigan Commuter Connect.
  • Avoid refueling your vehicle during daylight hours. Fumes released at the gas pump contribute to ozone formation.
  • Delay or combine errands. This will reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • Reduce electricity use. Adjust your thermostat a few degrees higher and turn off lights, computers, and other electrical devices when not in use.

Many of the ozone actions listed above are good ideas to practice every day of the week. Click here for other routine actions that can also help reduce pollution and save money by reducing fuel consumption.

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