Weather 'bomb' possible in Michigan this weekend: What to know

Yes, it's a real weather term

DETROIT - The right mix of weather conditions this weekend in Michigan, including in Metro Detroit, will likely satisfy "bomb" criteria.

No, it's not a word used to hype up weather. It's an actual meteorological term. So what does it all mean?

Weather 'bomb'

Here's the National Weather Service definition: Popular expression of a rapid intensification of a cyclone (low pressure) with surface pressure expected to fall by at least 24 millibars in 24 hour.

As Paul Gross explained in his Thursday forecast: Notice on the above map those skinny yellow lines. Those are called isobars. They are lines of constant pressure. One of the primary laws of meteorology is that the faster the pressure changes, the faster the wind blows.

So, as the low deepens, the pressure changes faster as you go from the low outward -- and there must be a corresponding increase in wind speed. This basic meteorology will play out big time for us.

First, when the cold front passes through, any shower ahead of the front could potentially have strong wind gusts, and by the way, this low will deepen so quickly that you’ll hear meteorologists all around the country calling it a “bomb.”

This is a real meteorological term and, no, it’s not something recently made up to hype storms. There are actual criteria in terms of how much the pressure drops in twenty-four hours, and this storm likely will satisfy that criteria.

Here's the latest forecast update from Brandon Roux:

Saturday forecast

The first half of your Saturday will also be beautiful as we wake to lows in the mid 20s tomorrow, with mostly clear skies. High clouds will fill in through the mid morning and into the early afternoon.

Rain chances are most likely after 4 or 5 p.m., or right around dinner time. Highs will hit the mid to upper 40s depending on how fast the clouds roll in. The showers will be scattered late Saturday and a little heavier overnight with rain and thunderstorms.

The heaviest bands of moisture again look to split as they approach SE Lower Michigan with heavier rains across Western Michigan and east into parts of Ohio, Ontario, and New York. Still, expect some good soakers overnight.

Sunday forecast

Early morning rain and thunder Sunday and the winds will really start cranking. We should see the NWS issue a Wind Advisory or Wind Warning for Sunday and possibly Monday with winds WSW 15-35 mph both days and gusts of 40-60 mph.

Update: High wind watch issued for Sunday in Metro Detroit; Gusts of 50 mph likely

These won’t be severe storm winds, they’re created by the pressure differences around the Great Lakes Region and could lead to power outages -- stay tuned.

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