Ice storm warnings, flood watches in effect

Chance of severe weather Saturday evening into Sunday morning

Forecast for Saturday, December 21, 2013
Forecast for Saturday, December 21, 2013

DETROIT – Everything continues on track for our weekend storm.  Most of us will start our Saturday relatively dry in terms of anything falling from the clouds. The one exception is for those of you in Lenawee and Monroe Counties, where some rain showers may still plague you this morning.  We'll also start with some fog, particular in the northern and western suburbs ... even dense fog in some areas.

Our main event is the storm coming for this afternoon into tomorrow morning.  This storm will have a LOT of moisture with it.  A FLOOD WATCH has been issued for Wayne, Monroe, and Lenawee Counties, as those areas could very well get over an inch of rain which, combined with melting snow and a frozen ground that cannot absorb water like it can in the summer, will cause considerable runoff and flooding potential.

Farther north is where the forecast gets very complicated.  As rain moves northward across the area, colder air is sliding south.  As a result, surface temperatures well north of 8 Mile should eventually drop to or below freezing by this afternoon.  As the rain falls into that below freezing layer of air, it freezes onto roads, sidewalks, trees, mailboxes, and your car (if parked outside, of course).  Given the amount of rain heading our way, it's possible that some of you to the north could accumulate over a quarter inch of ice, which has the potential to bring down tree limbs and cause power outages.  Adding to the problem will be the wind overnight toward tomorrow morning…which should increase to 10 to 15 mph.  To highlight at least the potential for this scenario to pan out, an ICE STORM WARNING has been issued for all counties except for the Flood Watch counties listed above, and Washtenaw County, where a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY has been posted (you'll get some ice, but not warning criteria ice).  The rest of you in Wayne, Lenawee and Monroe Counties should stay all rain but, again, your problem could be flooding. 

Snow is not part of our weekend whatsoever.  The best chance to get any snow would be snow showers Sunday night into Monday as the lake effect machine gets cranked up to our west.  Also, keep in mind that temperatures will fall sharply Sunday night, so standing water will freeze.  There will be a lot of ice in parking lots and other areas come Monday morning.

Many of you have shopping or travel plans, or just a holiday part to go to tonight.  This would be a good time to download the FREE Local 4casters Weather App from the App Store.  The radar display is awesome, and lets you zoom right down to street level.

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