Sunshine Friday with temps above freezing

Highs near 35 degrees


DETROIT – Friday is the final weekend of the 2015 Auto Show. It will be chilly with snow showers returning by its end. Friday will have the most sunshine.

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Friday morning will be mostly clear and very cold. Since a lot of heat will have radiated into space by dawn, morning lows will be in the middle and upper teens. Students and workers must dress in a couple extra layers before heading out to any destinations.

Friday afternoon will be partly to mostly sunny and chilly temperatures will make it just above freezing; near 35°. Some thawing will take place during the ride home from work and from school.

Friday evening will have fair skies, and it gets colder with temperatures back down to 30°. Hope to see everyone at the Michigan Humane Society's fund raiser at Airtime Trampoline at 662 East Big Beaver Road in Troy, Michigan from 6pm to 10pm.

Friday night will be partly cloudy and cold with lows in the low 20s.

Those clouds or produce some snow showers Saturday morning, but accumulations will be light; generally less than 1 inch. Saturday afternoon will be mostly cloudy with highs near 35° again.

A more organized system will bring snow on Sunday. Temps will be in the low 30s during the day. This snow event has a better chance of accumulating 1 to 3 inches when all is said and done with Sunday evening.

The rounds of the weekend snow are ahead of colder air which pushes in for the early part of next week. Monday and Tuesday will have highs in the 20s. By Tuesday morning low temperatures will go to the teens in single digits with wind chills near or below zero. Both days will be partly to mostly sunny. Wednesday may have some sunshine too, but it will still be colder than average with highs in the low 20s and lows in the teens are single digits.


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