Flash flood alerts up as "Patricia" moves across Texas

"Patricia" moisture arrives in Detroit mid-week

(Scott Kelly/NASA via Getty Images)

DETROIT – "Patricia" is no longer a hurricane but poses a problem for Texas and America's Gulf Coast. Torrential, tropical rainfall has alerts for flash flooding up in eastern Texas, much of Louisiana and shoreline regions of Mississippi and Alabama.

The amount of water from the last two days and for the next few can be measured with a yard stick. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for the Deep South Sunday and the first half of the work-week.

For Detroit and southern Michigan, moisture from "Patricia" will flow in mid-week. The rain is much needed because precipitation amounts remain 3 to 4 inches below average for autumn and the year. A frontal system arriving from the west will act like a vacuum and suck in the clouds and rain from the south Wednesday and early Thursday. Rainfall amounts will not be as dramatic but will reduce the Motown area's seasonal drought.

Remnants from "Patricia" can be seen and tracked on the Weather page of clickondetroit.com and on the Local4Casters App.

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