Cool start with high near 60 later


Cool temps in the upper 20s to low 30s as you head out, but get ready for a warming Tuesday around Metro Detroit.

We will see mostly cloudy skies with a few breaks and highs heading for 60 degrees today.

The warming winds will start up later this morning and afternoon SSW 10-20 mph with some gusts near or above 30 mph.

We may see a brief shower pushing through later this afternoon and/or early evening but it won’t be too much to worry about. A bigger storm pulls in tomorrow.

There is a Winter Storm Watch in Sanilac and Huron Counties through Northern Michigan tomorrow. Models are not completely in line but it looks like areas north of I-69 could have a few bouts with freezing rain, ice, and some snow mixing in with rain. The rest of us will see rain showers and breezy conditions tomorrow. Highs may quickly hit mid 50s, but rain will keep afternoon temps in the 40s when it’s coming down. Anyone traveling north needs to know there could be significant snow through Central and Northern Michigan Wednesday into Thursday.

Metro Detroit will see more rain Thursday and temps will be all over the map.

Again, as long as it’s raining… we expect upper 40s and any breaks may shoot our temps up into the 50s for short stints. The winds and rain will likely be at their worst on Thursday. This will likely lead to a few snow showers late Thursday and early Friday before the storm clears Friday morning. Sun returns Friday as temps struggle in the upper 20s in the morning to low to mid 40s.

It’s early, but model data suggests a quick shower midday Sunday but don’t cancel those Easter Egg hunts just yet as we hope this feature disappears from the forecast.

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